Concierge Lending Service

Your business dream is our business mission


Running a business can be a dream come true. But it’s also incredibly hard work. The demands on your time and energy are endless.

And it’s a challenge to find the financial assistance you need to succeed—especially when big banks decline loans for 75 percent of small business applicants.

A lender who understands you

I get it, because I've been a small business owner myself.

I'm Damon Maletta, and I founded Adesso Capital to be the financial resource small and medium-sized business owners need. 

We provide what I call "concierge lending."

That means you get access to a portfolio of innovative financing solutions. And you get personal, responsive attention from lending experts who are invested in your success.

Adesso means “now”

When you're running a business, everything's urgent. So I named my company Adesso, which is the Italian word for now.

We designed a really fast application process. And built a network of lenders who can get you the capital you need in as little as two to three days.


Success stories across the U.S.

Adesso Capital has helped hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. And we've secured hundreds of millions in financing.

I can't even count the number of business owners' dreams we helped come true. 

But we're ready to get started on yours right now.

By signing an application, the Owner acknowledges and agrees that: 1) you are authorized on behalf of the business listed in the application (the “applicant”) to submit this application, to submit accompanying documents, and to provide the consents and authorizations set forth herein; 2) all information provided to Adesso and/or its trusted partners is accurate and complete and that you will immediately notify Adesso of any change in such information; 3) Adesso may share all information and documents, excluding consumer credit reports, with its trusted partners to fulfill Applicant’s requests and at any time for administrative, marketing, and servicing purposes as permitted by law and that your personal information may be shared with the Applicant as part of any underwriting process; 4) Adesso and Assignees are authorized to request and receive investigative reports, consumer credit reports, statements from financial institutions, or any other information that is necessary to complete an application for business financing, and such authorization shall be considered “written instructions” in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act; and 5) Adesso and Assignees have my/our express written permission to contact me/us at the number and email provided in this application via email, telephone, and text message, which consent is not a condition of receiving services from Adesso. We do not sell your personal information to third parties. For more information on our Privacy Policy, see